Friday, September 14, 2007

All I did was go to the theatre..............

and look what happened!!!!!!!!
I have broken a bone in my foot and I was sober at the time.
I am stunned that just twisting your foot can do this.

So at the moment I have a temporary cast on until Wednesday. Hopefully by then the break may have healed but if not then it is plaster for a few weeks. OMG!!!!!

The upside is I can't do housework at the mo as I can't put weight on the temp plaster at all. Yipeeeeee what a result! However this lack of movement is driving me bonkers so if it isn't good news on Wednesday then i am gonna scream.

Traci has been round to see me laugh and take photos. Friends eh??????

This weekend then will prob be taken up with crafting as nothing else can be done. Ah well hard life eh??????