Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hopity hop hop hop!!

Thats what I seem to be doing at the moment!

Anyway went to Traci's craft class yesterday and made three lovely cards for Xmas. She very kindly acted as my taxi driver too with pick up and drop off service at the door!!! Will take some pics of the cards and post them tomorrow.

This is a pic of my 1st ever ATC which was made for a little craft group I belong to. It may be just a little card but to be perfectly honest I was really stumped as to what to do with it but I think it worked out quite well for a 1st attempt.

Tonight was proud momma time too for me. Harry had a parent's evening at his new school just to see how they are are all settling in. His teacher was really pleased and reckoned he has prob settled in the best out of the boys in his class. Not only that but all of his other teachers have commented at how happy, confident and polite he always is. This comment above anything else made me so proud. Of course I want him to do well academically but to hear that that he has adjusted well and is happy and well mannered made my day. Gosh did he get a big hug from his proud momma!!!!!

Right early night for me I think as sleeping with a plaster on your leg is not as easy as you think!!!!

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