Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's been a few days!

Blimey it has been busy here with one thing or another!

Unfortunately not in a crafting sense but more of a post holiday pre school type of way.

But I think that as of now I can honestly say that we are all labelled and ready for school - hurrah!!! The only thing is I am really not looking forward to the early morning routine - urghhhh!!!!!
Then again they don't actually go back until Wednesday but tomorrow and Tuesday we are having 'practise runs' to get the boys prepared ;)

Today has been fun as George had a few friends over at the bowling alley for a little party. I was actually dreading it but every child was really well behaved and it was fab!!! He is well and truly birthdayed out and WILL be in bed by 7pm tonight.

I on the other hand may be catching up on blog reading and web browsing xxxx

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