Monday, September 10, 2007


Yes that is me - I am not very well. Infact I sound like an old man who has been smoking his entire life and I can tell you this - it's not attractive!!!!!!

Things have slowly been getting back to normal since school started last Wednesday and I am gradually getting back into that routine.

George has started year 1 and seems to like his new teacher and classroom assistant. But he has started to do the lets cry when the bell goes trick which is an absolute joy first thing in the morning. Hmmm that boy certainly knows which buttons to press.

Harry on the other hand has settled into his new school like a dream and seems to be really enjoying it. This is a relief as changing schools is such a big thing when you are 9 and the
differences between them are huge!

I could not resist some piccies which I have only just sorted out. George does not look too happy in the top piccie but I was determined to get one of them together.

I am going to attempt some crafting this afternoon as I have had to cancel my driving lesson. Bliss!!!!!!!!!

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