Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I Think we are ready.......

for school that is.

Clothes are all labelled and bags are packed. Boys have been showered and will be in bed early ready for first day back tomorrow.

Here is a piccie taken of Harry in 2003 when he wa starting year 1. He looks so diddy and very very cute!!!!!!
Tomorrow he starts his first day at the local middle school and year 5. My goodness how time has flown!!!!
I am more nervous than him I think and he is sooo excited.

George starts year 1 tomorrow with the same teacher Harry had back then. She is a lovely lady and I am really looking forward to his year ahead.

So tomorrow I am on my own for the first time in six and half weeks and that will be really weird. Then again I won't be entirely on my own as I am nipping over to Traci's for a chat and poss some crafting.

Right am going to spend some time with Harry before bedtime xxxx

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