Monday, April 14, 2008

A sneaky peak!

I thought I would let you have a little look at Harry's Birthday card which I made for him last week and if I say so myself it is rather spiffing!!!
I made it using a digi kit from Katie Hadfield who creates some really good kits at the Lily Pad store. Although I don't 'do' digi much I do like printing elements out and using them for paper crafting.
The piccie is a bit naff but blame that on the flimping bad light last week.
Anyways we had a good weekend just pottering around the house and spending quality time together as a foursome. The chaps have watched two of the Indiana Jones films in preparation for the new one whenever that comes out and they are loving them - even George!!!!
Harry is over at a friends house tonight on a sleepover and as always when he is out the house has been sooooo quiet. We certainly know which one out of the two talks the most and its not the little one. It does seem strange with just the one in the house and I do miss him such a lot when he isn't here.
Well I am off for a nice cuppa xxxxxx


Dianne said...

What a BRILLIANT card!!! well done!

whatkatiedid said...

Wow, what an incredible card! My son would LOVE this! You made my doodles look wonderful!

Dawn said...

Hi Clare
Hope you are well - it's me Glitterpuss (Dawn) - I have joined blog land at last - just thought I wold pop over and visit. Wow your dino card is great - perfect for a little boy.
Pop over to my blog and tell me what you think,Can I add you to my fav blogs?? I would like to keep in touch.