Friday, April 11, 2008

Its Friday!!!!

Oh yes it is that day of the week I love the most (especially when I am not working the next day!).
I am sat at my laptop waiting for hubs to arrive home from work. He should be in a good mood as he has the whole weekend off to spend with the boys and I.
We don't have anything planned for this weekend as next weekend will be busy as we shall be in London for a certain someone's 10th birthday treat ;) I think the word for the next two days will be chill.... ahhhh bliss!
This piccie shows the bag made at craft class on Tuesday with Traci. I love going there as not only do we get to make projects with a great teacher (who also happens to be a fabberoo friend of mine) but the ladies at the church also provide fresh coffee and the most awesome cake! So whats not to like?????
Finally for today guess what plopped on my Mums door mat this morning after almost a month???? Yes thats right that lovely pop up card I was mourning a week or so ago. Apparently it is in good condition and my mum lubs it. So I am a really happy bunny!!!!!! xxxxxx

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