Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Back to work?

Steve (bless him) was due to go back to work today. Hmmm well that didn't work to plan.
He woke, after a restless night, to a really swollen and painful toe. He was limping but determined to drive to Coventry for work. I jokingly said that maybe he had gout but this was quickly dismissed as me being silly - hmmmmm.
He made it as far as Kettering and made a detour to a & e where the diagnosed gout! I should be a nurse - lol!!
So hubs is home nursing a very swollen foot and looking sorry for himself.

Anyway enough of all that. I haven't done any stitching or crafting today as catching up with post Xmas paperwork/finances and neither make for great reading. However I am going to treat myself to an hour after blogging. I have got three little christmas cards half completed which I want to finish either tonight or tomorrow.
Before I go here is a pic of a card I stitched for Steve last year.

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