Friday, January 04, 2013


Blimey it's Friday!
Just got the weekend and then everyone is back to school/work - urgh back to normal.
I took Steve down to the docs this morning as his foot was no better. He had a blood test and has been prescribed some strong anti inflamatories which have made a huge difference in ten hours. Hopefully things are on the up!
Last nights stitching is still not finished - I will get there with them. Hopefully I will crack on this evening and get at least one done.
Today's pic is of a sausage dog creation made into a birthday card for a very special friend whose birthday is next week. I loved the dog so much that I stitched three different ones and two still need to be made into cards or framed.
They were stitched in even weave which makes a change from aida and certainly tests the eyes.

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