Monday, January 07, 2013

Back to 'normal'

Everyone went back to work/school today and Christmas now seems a distant memory.
Mondays are my day off and so it was weird being in the house on my own with Bruce. Have to say though that after cleaning downstairs it was lovely to have it stay that way till 3.30!

I am back to work tomorrow which I am not really looking forward to as lately u have been a little disheartened with it but hey ho it's a job and at the mo we need the money.

Anyway last night I managed to finish off the three christmas designs, which are pictured below and am now working on a quick one for a valentines card for hubs. I am hoping it will be completed tomorrow ready for mounting at a later date.

Right that's the entry for tonight - only a quick one but hey I am doing well so far!

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Kath said...

These are so cute! Hope your first day back at work goes okay.

Kath x