Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No more Xmas stitching .........

Until at least October! I have finally finished the Xmas designs which I couldn't finish due to undelivered threads - grrrrrrr!
The design below was stitched for my neighbours grandson but now it will do for a friend who is having a baby in the near future.
Am now stitching a couple of Mother's Day cards but am hoping to start a wedding anniversary pressie for hubby once some more threads arrive. Am giving the same company another chance at delivering in good time.
Home life is stressful at the mo. George is just about getting better and Harry is trying to revise for a huge science exam next week. On top of this Steve and I went to a school meeting tonight about George's Sats exams which he is taking later in the year.
Think by the summer I will have a few more grey hairs!!!!

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