Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Friday!

But as I have work tomorrow I most certainly do not have that Friday feeling :-(

Harry had his exam yesterday so that's one under his belt - just got a wait for the results now! When I asked him when the results were in he said 'I think it's May but then again it could be March' hmmmmm typical Harry.

Right as promised I have taken a picture of the big wedding sampler picture I have restarted. Didn't realise it was soooooo big and it could take me a while that's for sure but I will get there.
The plan is to still do little projects inbetween this one but I will get it done.

Talking of little projects I have three (I think) which are awaiting threads from an order I placed 9 days ago!
Now this is the same company which I had probs with last time but I thought I would give them another chance. Hmmmmm I am not overly impressed with them but will give them a few more days especially as the weather hasn't been fab.

Anyway I must go and sort tea as Harry and Steve are out tonight for the sound of music DVD night. I am getting George to bed at 8 and making the most of the remote control :-)


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