Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can you tell what it is yet?

Starting stitching this last night for my mum's Mother's Day card.
As usual I need some colours which I haven't got yet so this will be put to one side until the threads arrive.
I received one lot of threads today for the Lizzie Kate project I am going to stitch for Steve but am waiting for another lot from the same shop which took ages to despatch last time. I did only place the two orders yesterday so am hoping to receive the other lot either tomorrow or Saturday.

Family news is that George went back to school today. He isn't 100% but wanted to go back to school so I went with what he wanted.
Harry has gone to a pre audition meeting tonight for a local production of Oliver. Auditions are next week and I have a very keen 14 year old. However he has his science exam next Thursday to get through first :-(

Snow watch - none since Monday/Tuesday but will keep you updated x

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