Friday, January 11, 2013

Seeing it on paper can be hard

Now this post is not strictly crafty today but it is all about my daily life and do here we go.
Today has been a funny old day - not great to be fair but hey what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
I spoke with my mum today and she had a hospital appointment yesterday which has thrown everything up in the air again. She is currently being treated for liver failure, blood clot, and a fractured back (in three places no less!). Unfortunately her blood tests have come back and it appears that her liver is failing more than last time. This now means she is going to be reassessed for a liver transplant.
After all that has gone on the last 5 or six months I was hoping for a lull in any appointments or treatments but no it appears not so.

So that was the first kick in the teeth of the day and now for the second .......
Harry is currently being assessed by the child psychologist at school and a little while ago Aspergers was suggested.
Now I have always had that niggling at the back of my mind about this since he was about 6 or 7 but it has all become a little real lately.
Anyway today I have received a copy of a letter from the psychologist to a paediatrician and he is suggesting that Aspergers is likely.
Now I know I have had my thoughts but to see it written down - wow it certainly takes the wind out of your sails!
So not sure where we are going next but we will do everything we can for my handsome, talented, happy and slightly eccentric boy.

Phew rant over. Tonight I will be chilling with some unfinished projects and a glass of something nice - I think I need it!

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