Saturday, June 09, 2007

I made some cards today!!!!

Yup that's right I made FOUR cards. Three were as part of an order so even better as I will get some money!

Today has been really nice. As the boys have either been at parties or out all day Steve and I have just pottered around the house doing our own thing. My day has been spent sorting out my room and crafting so I have had fun!

Harry has been out most of the day with one his
friends. Tom's grandparents have taken them
both to Gulliver's Land so I bet they have had a fun time.

George on the other hand went to a Princess and Pirate party this morning. Once home he decided that he liked the Long John George look and stayed in his costume all day. How cute is this boy?????

Right am going as No1 son will be home soon xxxxxx

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