Friday, June 08, 2007

Shock horror!!!

Yes I managed some crafting tonight - whopeee doooooo!!!

It was only a card but still.....I crafted!!!

Here is my Daddio's birthday card from a couple of weeks ago which I have not been able to post until now. I really like this card as it was the sort of card I don't normally do. But I really went to town with the distressing inks and had a fab time making it.

Today I was at school to watch Harry take part in Commendation assembly. He had to go on stage and recite a poem he had written about his classes residential trip a couple of weeks. It was a definate proud Momma moment - bless his heart!

I also saw my friend this morning who lost her eldest son in a car crash recently. She is just not the friend I know. She misses Will desperately and it is almost as if she is merely existing at the moment. Words are just not enough and all I know is that if I could take her grief away from her I would in a heart beat. I just feel so sad for her and her husband and wish I could do more for her. The whole situation is just dreadfully sad.

Anyway it's Friday! Which means I have hubby at home for two whole days. George has a party tomorrow while Harry is out for the day with one of his friends. Blimey they have a better social life than me ha ha ha!

As for me I will be ironing (boo!!!!) and deffo crafting! Have a good weekend everyone xxx

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tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

hope you get some crafting done! have seen my sis and now seen the colour that my hair will be - all I can say is check out the blog!