Friday, June 29, 2007

An emotional afternoon...

This lad does truly amaze me sometimes. We have days when you wish he would at least act his age and then we have days like today.
This afternoon his school has held a memorial assembly for William. Harry was one of four classmates chosen to go up on stage and share with fellow pupils, teachers and Williams family his memories of this special little boy who is sadly no longer with us. Harry also had to co read a prayer which was specially written for Will.
This morning he was quite nervous but was resolved to the fact that he was going to do it. Here's our conversation.
'Harry, will you be alright this afternoon?'
'I think so Mum. But you know what? I am not doing this for me. I have got to do this for William, his brother and sister and his Mum and Dad. I want them to know how special he was to us.'
Wow what can you say to that? And you know what? I was so proud standing there watching my boy stand on stage infront of nearly 500 people and tell them what made his friend special. He kept his nerve and looked at everyone in that hall. I will never forget how brave he was and how much feeling he put into it.
Its amazing to think that it is 8 weeks today that a very special boy was taken from us in very tragic circumstances. Time flies by so quickly - its such a shame the pain doesn't go as quickly.

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tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

Wow so proud too! and now crying buckets and yes I also wish the pain went that quickly - well done to Harry though x