Monday, June 04, 2007

Well what can I say.....?

About last week? Well all of us ended up with the bug and it was not pretty!!! So for poor Steve a week off work was wasted. To top it all off I was too poorly to craft. Pants!!!

But on Saturday I helped Traci at the local craft fair and her stall was fairly steady most of the day so that was good.

Sunday saw us having dinner with the outlaws for Mil's 60th and then back to our for tea.

Today I have been helping out at school (also will be Weds and Thurs!!!) and just generally catching up with things at home.

Tomorrow is hairdressers, dg duties and deffo some crafting or else I am gonna go mad.

Oh and it is my daddio's birthday tomorrow - 54 bless him!!!! xxxxxx

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