Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Abit happier today.

After my case of the doldrums on Monday I am feeling abit brighter today - thank goodness!!

Thought I would post a picture of the card I made for Charli Mai last week. I have done quite a few decoupage cards over the last few days and although I like the technique I think I should move onto something else!

Tonight we have been to Harry's new school to have a meeting before he starts in September. While we were there we found out which class he will be in and on the whole I am quite pleased. Quite a few of the boys he is friends with will be with him especially his good friend Thomas.

September is going to be abit of an eye opener for him as he also has to start school at 8.25am. I think he is going to get a huge shock LOL!

Today I finally finished my current batch of card orders for Mum and another friend. Just lately I have had a few orders, which is great. The hard part is trying to decide how much to charge people - I am afraid I am not a great business woman. Maybe I need some lessons off Traci?

Anyway Steve has just made me a lovely cuppa so gotta go! xxxxxxx

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