Monday, June 18, 2007

I hate Mondays!

I really really do hate them - especially today!

I woke up and just felt really low. I didn't want Steve to go to work or the boys to go to school. I did not want to be on my own at all. Infact at one point I felt quite emotional about it! I think because we had a lovely weekend being with people we love so much (yes Dad that means you too!!) today just felt abit empty.
I always get sad when I leave my mum and dad's after spending time with them but this time for some reason it hit me really hard.

Luckily for me though George too woke up in that mood too and was very very emotional after his daddy left for work. So I took the decision to keep him at home with me as I knew I would probably get a call at 10am to say he was still upset. I think we keep forgetting he is still only 4 and full time school is sometimes too much for him.

So we both pottered about today doing our own thing and stopping every so often for a hug and to also say how much we love each other. 3 pm rolled around so quick and typically the heavens opened and my eldest came home looking like a drowned rat - poor thing!

I have posted a piccie of my card to my dad for father's day. I think he liked it!
I have got quite a few orders at the moment for cards which is always a good thing. So I am crafting away quite happily at the mo.

Right cuppa time I think - have a good evening everyone xxxxx

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