Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lovely Weekend!!!

Check out this little monkey - isn't he cute?

This is my 14 month old nephew, Kyran, who is such a charmer with his Auntie Clare. I really do love this boy as if he was one of my own boys. I don't get to see him as much as I would like but yesterday I spent hours with him which was fabby.

The boys and I attended the 1st birthday of Kyran's cousin Charli Mai. Charli is seriously cute especially as she is incredibly tiny for her age due to a number of conditions which I won't go into on my blog. She had a whale of a time on her birthday as well as my boys!

We stayed with my ma and pa over the weekend and we all went out for a meal together last night. My bro, his partner and my cute nephew also came out with us and it was lovely to spend the evening together despite me being the usual butt of my dad and brothers wit.

Crafting wise - well not much has been done except a couple of Father's Day cards on Friday. But I will be back on track this week - oh yes I shall!!!!

Just wanted to end with a huge thanks and loads o lurve to Mum and dad for putting up with us over the weekend - I know that it was an awful trial for you ha ha ha!!! xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

HI Just to let you know i will be in therapy for most of tomorrow.
Love DAD.

scrapdolly said...

He is a major cutie and what a lovely name too