Friday, June 22, 2007

Its Friday evening at last!

Wow how this week has dragged! It really has been a long week.

Nothing much exciting has been happening during the last few days apart from getting drenched everytime I have to do the school run (grrrrrr!!!)

Been completing a few card orders which is fab. Hopefully this will continue as the money I make goes towards more supplies and you can never have enough stash!

So what does this weekend have instore for chez Feary? Well not alot as we all seem to be shattered tonight. So the plan is to see how we feel and go from there. I do fancy a trip to Ikea as I love their storage things and we need new furniture for our bedroom. I know that this idea will be fine with my boys as of course if you go to Ikea you just have to have meatballs! :)

So whatever you do this weekend make sure its a good un xxxx

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