Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh my goodness!

Last time I looked it was Friday and now.......Tuesday afternoon. What has happened????

We had a really busy weekend basically sorting through the house and getting rooms the way we want them.

To do this we had to take a trip to Ikea (of course!) on Saturday to collect shelving, rugs, cd storage, lamp shades etc (oh and of course meatballs and dime bar cake). Check out the fabby light shade I bought for my room. Groovy baby!!!!

Sunday was just chaotic shifting furniture (good job I am a sturdy northern lass ha ha ha), building furniture and sorting througth the piles and piles of kids toys.

So the result???? Well we have lost a playroom (yipee) and gained a computer room/spare room and I have gained a full time craft room (double yipee!!!). The only trouble is that we moved one bit of furniture out of the dining room which has resulted in the table and chairs looking tiny in there. So..........we will just have to get a bigger set (oh well).

Yesterday I was helping out in Reception class and Ihave to say they were like possessed demonic children. Some which I have thought were sweet were just awful - I think they are on count down to summer hols.

Today I was helping out in Year 4. Some of the kids are lovely and I think their teacher is really going to miss them. I know we will miss her. She has done wonders for Harry this year and his confidence has just rocketed. Also given what the whole class has gone through during the last few months I think she has got them through it all fantastically!I am sure most of the kids will remember her for the rest of their lives with huge affection.

Also today we were due to have the exterior woodwork painted but........ and there is always a but isn't there......the painter thinks there is a problem where the roof tiles should meet the guttering as most of the facia is rotten. Arghhhh is nothing simple.

Oh well never mind there is a dime bar cake in the freezer with my name on it oh yes there is!!!!! xxxxxx

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Louise said...

"possessed demonic children"
Hope you don't mean my angel lol xx