Monday, July 30, 2007


I have got housework to do today and bleurgh! I do not want to do it but there we go it is a fact of life and must be me.
So very little crafting will get done no doubt but get it all done today and hopefully I can indulge during the week - I can but try!
Well yesterday went really well at the party. I do have some pics but need to get them off the camera first.
Granny had a lovely birthday and sometimes I think it got quite emotional for her but she enjoyed it all!x
The boys had fun too and really behaved themselves which is great. Some members of the family had not seen them for a long time and could not believe how much they had grown.
It was a long day for them but they loved it!!
The photo I have posted is a quick card I did last week using a free decoupage image from a magazine. Very pink and very girly and also very simple but I like!
Right those surfaces are not going to clean themselves. I am going in and I may be sometime!!!

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