Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy weekend and one poorly boy!

Crikey we have not stopped this weekend. We have been dashing here and there, dodging thunder storms and rain.
The boys have had cricket tournaments and parties to get to and we have been organising ourselves for a wedding this weekend.
Before we knew it it was Sunday evening and boy were we shattered!!!!!!

This morning started off ok. I was recovering from a migraine but was alright and getting the kids sorted for school. Harry and George went off to school as usual - Harry with his inhalers today as he had a cough which wasn't serious but nevertheless was there.

Anyway home time came and Harry came home sounding truly awful. He was wheezing and despite having his inhalers was struggling to breath. In the end he was rushed down to our docs who put him on the nebuliser straight away and has prescribed a course of steroids.
It is such a shame he has had this attack as we have had his asthma under control for quite a while now and infact we were getting confident that he may be growing out of it. However I now think that because we thought he may grow out of it we had become a little complacent about it all so we have all had a jolt this evening.
So it looks like I have got some company at home for the next few days until his peak flow comes back up again!

I have posted a card I made last week - I actually made six last week. Yes six cards LOl!!!!!
I really do need to get more crafting time sorted out! xxxxx

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Maggie said...

Hi, please give my love to Harry, hope he feels better soon. As a fellow asthma sufferer I can sympathise with him and know how horrible it feels to just not be able to take a decent breath. Just take it easy, watch lots of telly and, I think, eating large quantities of ice cream is beneficial for asthma symptoms!!