Thursday, July 26, 2007

Its good to talk!

It's great to get together with friends for the evening and have a good old chat. We certainly did that last night too!!! Myself and four friends went out to our local Indian restaurant and then onto a nearby hotel for a drink or two or three!! The next minute it was closing time and home time!
Traci and I got home at around midnight to find Harry and Kiesha making Hama bead things, George asleep on the sofa and Steve looking shattered after his evening with three children!
Luckily for us the boys were really kind to us this morning and George was our alarm call at about 9am. Harry slept until 10.50am which is so unheard of for him!

So today has been a day of bits and pieces but I have got some crafting done which is fab so I must take some piccies tomorrow and post them. I have been using the free gifts from magazines today and making quick cards with them which I have enjoyed. Sometimes its nice to lift other peoples ideas from magazines and do 'easy' crafting for a change rather than sit there for half an hour deciding on what to do!!!!

The boys are now in bed - early tonight and tomorrow we are off to the cinema! Harry and I to see Harry Potter and Steve and George are watching Transformers at the same time. Fab!!!!

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