Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Only three more days to go!

My boys break up for summer in three days time. Crikey how quick has this year flown!!!

I am very organised and have already made some thank you cards for the teachers and classroom assistants.

My boys have been really lucky this year with their teachers, especially Harry. His class have really had a traumatic time over the last few months and I can honestly say their teacher has helped them through their loss.
This week is also quite sad for him as he is leaving Primary School and will be joining the local middle school in September. My baby is growing up!!!!

George's teacher has also been a star. She has known George since he was a week old and so he feels very at ease with her. Given that he is one of the youngest in his year (he is not 5 until 29th August) he has really settled in at school thanks to her.
In September George will have the same teacher in year one as Harry did which is great as she is lovely too.

George was supposed to have his Sports Fun Day today. Hmmmm well we managed until 12.00 and then of course the heavens opened and yes it got cancelled. I did manage a couple of pics which I will post tomorrow. But poor George was gutted at not doing any races - maybe next year?

I don't know about you but I am getting really brassed off with this rain now. It is no longer funny going out during the school runs and getting drenched. Still at least after Friday I won't need to worry about that for six weeks!

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