Friday, July 06, 2007

Yipee I made two and a half cards.....

yesterday. Yes that is right I did some crafting!!! Hurrah!!!!!!

Unfortunately the cards I made are for someone's birthday and I know they look at my blog so no sneaky peaks I am afraid. :(

Today I am getting ready for the wedding tomorrow. Spare room is being set up for ma and pa as they are coming down the M6 sometime this afternoon. My eyebrows have been waxed so I no longer look as if I have two furry friends above my eyes and I am going for a haircut tonight. So all in all I am being fairly organised - well sort of!

Harry has gone back to school today, which although I am pleased about he is not 100%. So I am fretting a little bit about him. I am not usually so neurotic but his attack on Monday really unnerved me. He will be fine I am sure and is probably very happy not having me checking on him every ten minutes! LOL!

As well as the wedding tomorrow Harry has a grading on Sunday for Tae Kwon Doe so we have a very very busy weekend ahead of us. I think we will all need Monday to recover from it.

Right I have to sort some bedding out and find a temporary home for the hamster. I hope everyone has a fab weekend - lets just hope for NO rain tomorrow! xxxxx

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