Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No car!

Yes the car went in for it's MOT yesterday and ....... promptly failed :(. Hmmmm ok given how many miles Steve does every week and the fact it is a Y reg it is hardly surprising it failed. But it has had to go back to the garage today and so we are without a car for the second day running. Normally this would not bother me but it would be nice to go out as Steve is off this week. Hey ho - at least I can do a bit of crafting!

I completed Steve's birthday card from me today which I will take a photo of and post after his birthday as I know he sneaks peeks on my blog ocassionally. xxxxx

This evening I am off out with some friends of mine - including Traci - for a chin wag and all you can eat curry! All of us have met through school as we have children who have just left Primary school. It will be nice to get together and put the world to rights. Infact our other halfs - except Traci's - all went out together on Saturday night so we can compare notes on how they were feeling Sunday morning!

Have a good evening everyone xxxxx

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