Monday, July 23, 2007

I got told off!!!!

Yes that's right I got told off by George and the reason why? Well I did not put on my blog a picture of him with his beloved teacher Miss Pallet.
He adores her well and truly. Infact both of my boys do as she also taught Harry when he was in Reception.
So hopefully my four year old will now be happy!

It has been the first day of the holidays and we have been out and about. The first trip of the day was the dentist for myslf and the boys. This went quite well with nothing more than a checkup although the dentist thinks Harry may need a brace in the near future.

This afternoon Steve decided to take the boys over to the local driving range as they all love to hit a few golf balls. I decided to tag along and take a couple of pics. We then had a quick look in the golf shop afterwards which then turne out to be a costly thing to do as I bought Steve's pressie - a set of decent clubs and we treated the boys to a junior club set. hmmmmm bit costly but ah well you can't take it with you can you?

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