Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I have finally made a card and it was the one for Mum - big hurrah. I am really pleased with it. As a rule I don't normally use picture peeloffs as I sometimes feel they are abit of a cop out but I had them to hand so thought I would have a go and here are the results.

Today has been nice. Was at the cabin this morning with Traci and Maggie doing this card and generally putting the world to rights. Also admiring some of the new items Traci has got in stock (was very good and resisted - for now!) and had a look at the Cricut too.

With the Cricut I like the way you can cut different sizes but you can only cut one piece of paper at a time and Traci's was having problems cutting through Bazzil. So the jury is out at the moment with regard to the little beauty. Think I would prefer a new camera to the Cricut. BTW still holding out for a new bad boy - will keep you posted.

Going to be at the cabin all day tomorrow which will be nice as I can do some more class work and try to get ahead of myself. Hopefully once this is all done I can get back to card making and scrapping! Ya never know!!

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