Friday, January 12, 2007

Its been a funny couple of days.....

hence no update on my blog. I know I am naughty but it really has been abit mad around here.

It all started yesterday morning when I was on my way to the cabin for my first day there. Got a phonecall to say my MIL had had an accident at home and was on her way to hospital. Steve bless him dashed over there to meet his dad and sis and was there most of the day. He came home for abit of tea and then dashed back out again as she was having to stay in overnight.

Today has been more of the same. MIL now out of hospital complete with stitches and sore head, so will be visiting her tomorrow with the boys.

Washing machine finally arrived and just as I was getting back on track with the laundry water started spurting out of the waste pipe. So they need replacing tomorrow. Why is nothing easy???!!!

Besides all this though I had a proud Mum moment today as Harry was on stage for commendations assembly at school. He had written a poem about lightening which was fabby. Bless him!

Finally inbetween all this madness and mayhem I have been trying to get my worksheets sorted for my classes. I will get there - honest!!!!!


sunny_zryu said...

Congratulations. Its a nice blog you are keeping here. Keep it up and all the best.If you have some time, do check my personal blog and don't forget to leave a little comment for me while you are there.

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

And I hope so too Re: Worksheets!!! Only Joking hope you aorted out the waste pipes! Am off to do videoing in a bit - should be fun!