Friday, January 05, 2007

So much for my New Year's Resolution

I had promised that this blog would be updated everyday. Hmmmm so much to that promise.

Well it has been a bit busy over the last few days even with the boys going back to school. I made a start on my classes yesterday which was just as well as Traci rang last night to tell me that some people have booked for them. Arghhhhh!!!!!

After the initial shock and a chat with Traci I started to calm down and am now quite looking forward to it. Just got some more samples to do this weekend for the first class and then I am sorted. Once I have got the first one out of the way I will be fine. I have never taught before but am confident it will all go well. Please send all positive thoughts my way for Tuesday!

Colemans have got a sale at their warehouse tomorrow so a friend and I will be joining the throng of mad crafters after a bargain. We are going first thing in the morning in the hope it won't be too bad - hmmm not so sure really.

Right going to sit down with hubby and watch a dvd - bit of quality time together for a change.
Will report back tomorrow after the credit card has taken a battering!

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