Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bit blowy!

Crikey how windy has it been today?! I hope everyone is ok and staying safely indoors.

I on the otherhand was at the Craft Cabin today and have to admit a couple of times I was abit worried that we would take off. But while I was there managed to get some cards done for Tuesday's class which I am really pleased with. As I am back at the cabin tomorrow I will get the kits done too so that I am all prepared and can start the cards for the other classes too.

Tomorrow will be another proud Mum moment. My eldest - Harry who was in commendation last week has been picked to collect a cup tomorrow in assembly for reasons unknown as yet. Bless him he does not know he is getting the cup and we were told by his teacher that it will be a complete surprise when his name is called out. I will post a piccie tomorrow night. I am so proud of him as we have had a few problems at school with him until recently so it will be great to see him being awarded for something!

Lastly I am going to apologise for the piccies on this entry. I am trying to master PSP and failing miserably. Think I may have to buy the Dunnies guide. LOL!

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