Saturday, January 13, 2007

Its all go here!!!

Evening all!!! Well its been a busy day at Feary Towers.

My lovely hubby has finally managed to sort out the waste pipes for the washing machine after buying some new ones so at long last I have managed to get some washing done - just got the ironing to do now LOL!

Managed to do abit more work for my card class while Steve was busy and then after a spot of lunch we headed out to visit the in laws and see how Steve's mum is. I must admit she didn't look great. But then again when she collapsed she really banged herself up good and proper!!!

Back home now and boys are just heading off to bed - thank goodness! They have been at each other all day and George had the paddy from hell while we were out. It took him ages to calm down as he had wound himself up so much. So I am quite glad they are going to bed - peace at last!

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