Saturday, January 06, 2007

Busy busy!!!

Well we went to the Colemans sale ......and survived........just! We queued for an hour to pay for all our hour!!!!! Elbows were certainly required at times. But when I got home and surveyed all I had bought it was worth it!

Mind you when I got home I had some bad news - the washing machine had died .....totally. So following a spot of lunch we ventured out in the rain to acquire a new machine and a new dryer too as our existing one has been on its last legs for a loooooonnnnnng time. Delivery of said items will be.....FRIDAY!!!! Bearing in mind I have two boys and a Steve can the Feary household last this long without a washing machine?????? I will of course keep you updated LOL!

Class work is coming along nicely - all of the worksheets have been done and approved by boss (Traci tee hee ee) so its just the preparation of kits to do which I am in the middle of at the mo. I am actually looking forward to Tuesday - it will be a blast!

Busy day tomorrow as my bro and baby nephew are popping down for a visit. I can't wait as I adore my nephew and Adam isn't too bad either (at times anyway - you know how it is with little brothers). I actually think that Adam is coming down to have a go on our latest family toy - the Wii. He is a complete gadget freak and I don't think he can wait to have a go.

Right am going to do abit more stamping then boys to bed followed by a glass of wine with a dvd and a cuddle with hubby. Bliss!!!!!

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