Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fancied abit of a change

As you can see I thought I would have a play with my blog and change a few things with the layout. Not that I am bored or anything. LOL!

Well its been a busy but lovely day. I have managed to get a few more things done in preparation for my first class on Tuesday. Really excited now and can't wait to get started! Just got to run things past the boss now to make sure everything is ok!

Also my brother popped down for the day with my nine month old nephew Kyran. That baby is an absolute joy to have around. He was laughing at my boys and his cousins just adore him. My brothers partner is in hospital at the mo and has been for a month now. Adam is coping so well and all of my family are so proud of him for the way he has handled working and bringing up a baby.

So Adam and Ky have gone home, the boys are in bed and it is oh so quiet!

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tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

ohhh it so weird to read you say Boss!