Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Friday - yay!!!

Yup it's Friday, its the weekend, the boys are off school next week and my hubby will be off work too!!! Double yay!!!!

Yesterday was a nice day as Steve was at home so after a morning of doing a couple of samples I was taken out to lunch which was bliss! The afternoon saw us at school looking at the boys work over the last term. Harry has really improved and his writing is lovely and George? Well I love looking at their work at that age and trying to decipher what it is LOL!

Today I have had George at home as he was not too well overnight. So most of this morning was taken up with cleaning his bedding, bed, carpet, doors, wardrobes, walls - you get the picture.
Harry had a swimming lesson this afternoon and so he is now shatttered - an early night for all of us me thinks.

No crafting today (boo hiss) but I hear the weekend is going to be pretty awful weather wise so bring out the stash! xxx

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