Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Monday!

The weekend just comes and goes too fast!

Well today has seen the usual housework - bleurgh!!! It really is a swear word - especially when I have so many more exciting things I could be doing.

George has been at home today keeping me company as he has been a little unwell but school beckons tomorrow!

Harry went back to school today for the first proper day after his residential trip last week and the loss of his friend. He came home a little bit emotional but ok. The class are writing down memories of their friend and then making a book which is a lovely thought.

The funeral is on Friday and quite a few of Harry's classmates are going - himself included. This is not something I have forced him to do but he insists he wants to go so that he can say goodbye. Bless him!

This afternoon I finally finished this Father's Day card for my fil and I also finished a card for the mil's 60th birthday. I have just got to make a box for it and take a piccie when the light is better tomorrow.

I have got to get some sample cards done tonight and tomorrow - drat will the housework have to come second - ha ha ha xxxxxx

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