Wednesday, May 23, 2007

C'mon you reds!!!

Yes tonight is a big night in our household. Steve's footie team Liverpool are playing AC Milan. I am at home looking after the boys and he is down the pub with some friends. Luckily he has booked tomorrow off work!

I realised tonight I have not posted on this blog since Sunday! How awful! Yesterday I was very poorly with a migraine - blooming thing. I do not got them very often thank goodness as it was very nasty!

Still back today and my house is nice and clean after a mammoth cleaning session. Believe me it was required!

On a crafting note since Sunday I have not done a thing as I have been either poorly or helping out at school with both boys classes. Not a good thing this lack of crafting as I have some samples to make for Traci - I will be in trouble!!!!!

Right stuff to do - catch yers laters xxxxx

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