Saturday, May 12, 2007

My new lurve!!!!

I love love love love my new camera. This piccie was taken in my room at nearly 5pm without a flash and its not a bad photo!

I am seriously happy with my new toy - can't you tell?

As you can see Harry has returned from his trip. He got home yesterday and was really tired. But after a hot bath, lots of huggles and a good nights sleep he is alot better. He had a brill time at Hilltop and the decision to not cancel was a good one I feel.

I did have another piccie to upload but blogger will not oblige me at the mo - grrrrrrrrrr!

Anyho today has been wash day as I emptied Harry's bag straight into the washer. Then George had a party to go to and guess who had to stay with him - yup muggins here! So I am quickly updating this and then possibly some crafting. I hope anywayxxxxx

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