Sunday, May 20, 2007

I lubs this kid!

This boy has had some heartache to deal with in the last few weeks but he can still crack a smile. :-)

It is not often he will genuinely smile when I point my camera at him - urgh mum do you have to????? But look at this stunner from yesterday.

I lubs this boy sooooo much and he will never know how proud I have been of him this week. xxxxxxx

Anyhow back to this weekend. Yesterday we decided was retail therapy day. Harry spent his birthday money on Dr Who stuff and George bought some more Cars things from that wonderful place known as Toys r Us. Hubs treated himself to a new bike so that he and Harry can go out on little excursions.

Well, what about Mummy Bear???? A quick trip to Traci's Cabin soon sorted me out. A couple of wooden numbers to start with, followed by a 12 x 12 trimmer and last but not least a CROPODILE. Oh yes - its green, its fab and its all mine!!!! Mwhahahahahaha!

This morning was totally wasted by spending almost 3 hours ironing. I hate hate hate ironing - but that is one job done for another week. This afternoon I have been doing a few samples for the cabin which I will photograph tomorrow.

Right going to do some blog surfing I think - till tomorrow xxxxx


tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

Love the photo

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THAT PICTURE TOO. Mum & dowting Nannie (not dotty)