Monday, May 07, 2007

Funny ol' weekend

It has been really strange weekend in the wake of the tragic news on Saturday.

I have made a couple of cards but I cannot show them on my blog for a few weeks as they are for my Dad and I know he has a peek on here occasionally!

Today we have been getting Harry ready for his residential trip with the school which is still going ahead. This decision is a good thing for the children as they will be kept very busy and can talk about their classmate as and when they feel ready to do it. I have very mixed emotions about Harry going. I know he will love it but I will miss him so much and after everything that has happened it is your natural instinct to gather your little uns around you and protect them as much as you can.

But life has to and must go on. xxx

PS I ordered my new camera on Saturday and it should be with me in the next few days - I cannot wait!!!!

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