Sunday, May 27, 2007

Soaking Sunday!

Blimey where has all of this rain come from? Then again it is a Bank Holiday weekend - how typical is that?

Yesterday was a lovely day. I spent most of the day in the company of my friend Lindsey who is a fellow crafter. We went to the Colemans warehouse in the morning followed by a cream tea in Waitrose (mmmmmmmmm). Then it was home and Lindsey stayed for a couple of hours for some cups of tea.
I did mean to do some crafting last night but decided to spend some quality time with my hubby and also talked to Traci who was very excited about the latest competition on her forum
The idea is to make six inchies which have a common theme - well of course mine had to be about my love of all things bear! Go and have a look at this new and exciting forum.

So today the weather decided things were to be of an indoor nature. Ironing for starters (boo) followed by yet another cleaning of George's bedroom carpet. Then I made another two samples for Traci, which I don't think i can show yet but watch this space, and the six inchies for the comp which I am quite pleased with.

This afternoon we allsat as family and watched Eragon which is actually quite a good film. One of my fav actors John Malkovich is in it so that was an added bonus. He plays excellent baddies!

Tonight, well I really must get three cards done for my friend's dad for Father's Day - this is quite good for me as it is a repeat order from this friend so she must like my cards.

Right tea time to sort - the natives are getting restless! xxxxxx

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