Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Slowwwwww Wednesday!

I have decided that Wednesday's are boring and a pain in the thingy!

I had today all planned - go to the Cabin after the school run this morning and craft some of my cobwebs away until 2.30. Ahhhh bliss! But......oh no not to be. :( George my cute and cuddly lil un decided that this morning he would be v v v v tired and v v v v emotional. So mummy instincts kicked in and unfortunately he had to come before the crafting bonanza planned.

So I have ironed......and ironed some more. However this was done inbetween phone calls from Traci telling me all about the fab new orders she has had in this morning and wasn't it a shame I couldn't be there to see them. Arghhhhh!!!!! Friends eh? LOL!

Then again for the sake of my bank balance maybe it was just as well I was not there. But I have made a card today using some Dufex decoupage - i really like this card!

And talking of Traci you really must check out her new members area it is fantastic! traci and Sarah have put a lot of work into it and apparently there are some exciting new projects coming up soon - so have a look and pop in for a chat!

Before I go it is only right that I mention the team who last night rightly won their match against Chelsea!
Steve is a devoted follower of this team and had a huge grin on his face this morning - Athens here they come!

***I do apologise for the non crafting subject but if I did not mention this on my blog hubby would not be pleased LOL!****

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