Saturday, May 19, 2007

A whole community came together.

That's what happened yesterday at the funeral. The whole of our town came together and supported each other and Williams family through this awful time and we all came to say goodbye to a special little chap.

Yes it was emotional, yes we all cried but every word which was said yesterday came from the heart. I just hope his family can take these words and remember him not just with sadness for their loss but with pride and love for such a lovely little boy.

Steve and I went with Harry and all three of us let our emotions out. I had every intention of not getting too upset for Harry but I just could not help it.

After the funeral we all followed William outside and 500 balloons were released. It was a beautiful sight to see them float high in the sky. It was all the more poignant as each balloon carried a handwritten label from all of his friends and family. Helping to attach the labels earlier in the day was a privilage for me although I could not bring myself to read any of the them.

Although it was a very sad afternoon it was truly a reflection of how many hearts had been touched by William and his family - my thoughts and best wishes go out to them.

I also just want to add that a friend of mine had some really bad news yesterday. Traci, lots of love to you, Nick and Kiesha from the boys and I xxxxxxxx

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