Saturday, December 02, 2006

Evening all!

Well thank goodness today I feel 100% better. Was fed up of feeling so grotty.

Had a lovely day today - not done any crafting - but still a nice day!

Started with hairdressers for a colour and cut - lovely no more grey hairs on show hee hee hee. Then off to the local craft market to see what Traci was up to and to lend a hand if necessary.

At 3pm the town lights were turned on. It was lovely singing carols around the tree with the town band. Then back to the craft market for wine and mince pies - yummy!!!!

Back home with a chinese takeaway and Come Dancing and now Robin Hood. Bliss!

Steve is going out with the 'boys' in a little while for their Annual Gentlemans Social Evening so once the boys are in bed my time is my own. Very nice too.

Off to the Craft Cabin in the morning for the Childrens Christmas Workshop which Harry is doing as he loves any sort of crafting. In the afternoon I WILL do some Christmas cardmaking and get them finished once and for all. Will let you know if this plan works out. ;-)

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