Sunday, December 03, 2006

Its oh so quiet......

its oh so still. As in the words of Bjork. And that can only mean one thing........bedtime!!!! I love my boys but crikey have they been noisey today.

Busy morning helping Traci with the kids craft workshop, which was great fun and Harry loved it. He wanted to know when they will be more workshops.... so come on Traci!

Bit of a funny afternoon following a phonecall from my brother about his partner which I am not going to talk about on here. But want to send them both big hugs and an extra hug for my little nephew Kyran who is very special to me.

Now that they boys are in bed I am trying to get some cards done for Xmas. Just got the ones to do for my Avon customers so they don't have to be as intricate as family ones but I keep getting distracted. I will get there as I am determined to get them finished this week - I am all Christmased carded out. Is that a phrase? Answers on a postcard please! I will get some piccies of them taken tomorrow when the light is better and I have a few more done.

I can honestly say I am really enjoying doing this blog - it is great to just sit and take stock of what I have achieved each day - good or bad! My mum loves it!

Right onwards and upwards - cards to make!

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