Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My goodness..... it Wednesday already??!! I have not been very good updating this blog this week have I? So much has been going on in the afternoons and evenings that by the time the boys have gone to bed I am half asleep.

But hopefully most of the after school stuff has finished now for Xmas so tonight I have a free evening - yipee!!!!

Crafting wise I finally finished Steve's Christmas card. I am so pleased with it and he was chuffed to bits. Here are some piccies - they are not great but you get the idea.

Things are coming together for Christmas although I cannot believe how quick it is creeping up on us. Wow!!! Big day will be here soon and I cannot wait. We are going to my mum and dads for a family Christmas which I love and for me that is what Christmas is about - family!
Crikey is that the time....better had get the boys ready for bed and then I think it will be pj time and a mess about with my scrapbook stuff - bliss!

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