Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Good and bad day...... ***pics added**

The last few days have been such an roller coaster of emotions for us here at Feary towers. First lets start with the bad news.....

Some idiots last night broke into my boys school and smashed windows in six classrooms (yr 3 and 4). They then stole equipment etc which are only a couple of years old and very expensive. WHY???!!! It makes me so sad that people could do this sort of thing anyway but to a Primary school..... it just beggars belief. The teachers were in tears and so were the children who were obviously not allowed in school today because of all the glass lying around. The school is such a lovely one and all the teachers work so hard to make it pleasant for then children and this happens. I am so upset and at the same time so angry. I just hope they catch them and string them up. There is no excuses for this sort of behaviour towards 8 and 9 year olds.

Now for the good news....... George my four year old had his Reception play yesterday and today. Awwww definately a proud mummy moment. He was a cheeky monkey in the Story of the Sad Penquins. At the end all of the children got on stage and sang the first verse of Silent Night and then they repeated it only this time they did sign language. Well this mummy had tears in her eyes both yesterday and this morning when I saw it again. It was a very emotional thing and George loved it! Next week Harry has his concert so the tissues will be at the ready again.

And finally.....ALL CHRISTMAS CARDS ARE FINISHED!!!!!!!!. Well apart from the cover of Steve's but that is not too much. I am soooo happy to get them done as I have a number of projects I want to have a go at - so watch this space.

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